McWilliams Apple Orchard

Family Owned Apple Orchard is Quiet and FriendlyMcWilliams Apple Orchard is owned by Ronald and Mandy McWilliams. We bought the property in 2007 and have been caring for the orchard since then. Our first harvest was in 2008, so we are relatively new to orchard life, but are enjoying the trees and apples and learning about them.

If you've ever compared produce that was grown far away to something that was picked fresh, you know the value of local produce. Other fruit has to be picked before it's ready and shipped, so it doesn't develop the full flavor and it's not as fresh when it arrives. Our apples, on the other hand, are picked when they are ripe and delivered as quickly as possible to the grocery stores we serve. You'll be able to taste the difference!

Our orchard is small, but is quiet and friendly. We hope you come visit and enjoy your experience here.